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DorothyHyman (957383)

Club details

Managed by Garyrr (in the tracker)

Fan club Miners Army: 3,733 members

Arena: The Colliery (capacity 90,000)

Ranked 1

Players in the tracker: 14

Press announcement

1/31/2021 10:47:00 PM MC Hammered!

After two defeats in a row the board of Dorothy have fired club legend Mike Clarke. Brutal. Mike Clarke was a young lad that came with the club and from VI1018 he scored 250 goals to take us up to II. He scored in the semi final of the cup in season 66 when we were heartbroken to lose to Bink's old Apostrophe Now. After that season Mike hung up his boots and became the coach of DorothyHyman. The same week a young Ben Morgan came out of our academy and Mike paid special attention to this new rising star. Ben has recently turned 27 and thus Mike has put 10 seasons of beyond excellent coaching in to this kid. The team dropped back down to V and up again to II. Mike hands over the club in a similar spot to where he took over. Mike Clarke now retires to the Hall of Fame and will represent the players union. A legend who gave 25 seasons of service to us. You just can't knock him..



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