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DorothyHyman (957383)

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Managed by Garyrr Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club Miners Army: 3,721 members

Arena: The Colliery (capacity 98,000)

Ranked 5

Players in the tracker: 11

Press announcement

5/27/2023 4:05:00 PM Till the Next Time

We can no longer hold our own, it's time to move on. The team were loosely based around homegrown winger Ben Morgan along with Dean Boren and Miklos Olah. They moved up to Division 3 when they were 22 to 23 years old. Up to Division 2 at 25 to 26 and Premier at 29 to 30yo. They won the George Carey at 26yo, while at 31yo in their peak they scored the Craig Wozniak Cup and became Premiership Champions. We managed 8 seasons in the top two flights with this group: Season 77 4th in II.3 and George Carey Cup winner Season 78 2nd in II.3 and Round 8 of Cup Season 79 1st in II.3 and Round 8 of Cup Season 80 - 4th in Premiership and Round of 16 in Cup Season 81 - Premiership Champions and Craig Wozniak Cup winner Season 82 - 2nd in Premiership and Round of 16 in Cup Season 83 - 2nd in Premiership and Quarter Finals in Cup Season 84 - we'll relegate probably in 7th and were losing finalist in Cup All in all a fun and competitive 11 seasons.



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