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planes mistaken for stars (924650)

Club details

Managed by minatofuji Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club: 3,108 members

Arena: End me in Richmond (capacity 66,000)

Ranked 35

Players in the tracker: 9

Press announcement

6/9/2017 1:18:00 PM TSI 603210...

With tonights' training planes pride and homegrown superstar Jean Ulveling [playerid=392128779] crossed the magical 600000 TSI bar and joined top 10 of all players listed in HT-Portal-Tracker at this moment which is pretty similar to all players in HT;) He is the highest rated player in Luxembourg for more than two seasons now and will stay for a while as the second best has a TSI of less than 500000... With 27 years of age and divine +2 xp, already, he will be able to stay an NT-player for many more seasons. This and 58 NT-Matches so far make him a sure candidate to reach his next goal: join the 100-NT-Matches-Club! ROUDE LEIW HUEL SE!



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