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Sam Steele FC (72578)

Club details

Managed by Mod-J (in the tracker)

Fan club The March West: 2,817 members

Arena: The Boss of the Plains (capacity 82,500)

Ranked 88

Players in the tracker: 14

Press announcement

10/14/2019 1:55:00 PM Rising to the Top

Sam Steele FC recently completed an unbeaten season with the 4th Division which earned them auto-promotion to the 3rd Division, specifically Div III.13 which appears to have a collection of highly skilled teams. "It is going to be a challenge, but any series we ended up was always going to push our guys further. I think at this point, with the history of the club, everyone in the dressing room is just grateful for the opportunity" said club captain Sandro Tamburini. Club management announced yesterday that as a reward to the fans for remaining truly dedicated, the club will expand the seating on their stadium, The Boss of the Plains. The Boss of the Plains has been an iconic part of Canadian architecture which makes these plans very exciting. Rumour has it that 12,500 seats are being added and a crane has already showed up to begin the process.



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