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Sam Steele FC (72578)

Club details

Managed by Mod-J (in the tracker)

Fan club The March West: 2,381 members

Arena: The Boss of the Plains (capacity 70,000)

Ranked 185

Players in the tracker: 9

Press announcement

8/19/2019 2:18:00 PM New First Team Logo

Sam Steele FC announced the creation and implementation of a new team logo today. The reason behind updating the logo was described by ownership as a direct way to “get with the times” but also as an act of symbolism as the club has recently rebranded itself as they look to climb to the All Canadian series again. Rumour has it that this will not be the only changes as there has been whispering in the hallways at the Boss of the Plains that there is over 1 million dollars set aside for stadium expansion. Sources tells us that the club may be looking to add nearly 15 thousand seats! Exciting news for SSFC Fans.



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