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HARAMBEE! (713805)

Club details

Managed by Tarzan1 Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club Emergency Supporters "Teresa Strada": 3,598 members

Arena: Mokorwe wa Gathanga (capacity 75,000)

Ranked 4

Players in the tracker: 21

Press announcement

7/4/2019 2:22:00 PM MALTA ELECTIONS WEEK

It's time to elect the new national team coaches! And I invite you to vote numerous, whatever your choice. For the Maltese National (although I cannot vote) I support the ciuffo-fisc [userid=11147581]. The results of these years speak for him: two consecutive world qualifications achieved. The project we have been working on for many years (both for the NT and for the U20) is now mature to aim for even greater goals. If you share these beliefs, you must choose ciuffo-fisc and vote by clicking here: [link=/World/Elections/?LeagueID=101&leagueOfficeCandidateId=74415&LeagueOfficeTypeID=2] Thanks



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