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SF Red Fog (70764)

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Managed by clashfan Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club The FogHeads: 2,912 members

Arena: Fog of War Center (capacity 78,250)

Ranked 118

Players in the tracker: 9

Press announcement

4/7/2021 5:38:00 PM Me vs Me in the Apollo Cup!

The San Francisco Red Fog (started in 2013) and the Dread Pirates Roberts, Inc (started in 2014) face each other today in the Apollo Cup Finals! The unique thing about these teams is that they are both my teams. I didn't plan it this way, but noticed a few weeks back it was a possibility, and started to try to make it so. Both of these teams are old, so this is a fun high water mark as I prepare for the slog back down to the bottom divisions to retool and pick up some U21 hopefuls. The journey here really started in 2016, as I had noticed as the USA U20 Scout that we had a horribly weak 16 and 17 year old generation and a great and amazing 15 year old generation. I went all in on this generation, buying four stud midfielders with the Dread Pirate Roberts (Ronald Raging Bull Motta, Ravi Ravioli Sabesan, Thomas Tomahawk DeGeorge, and Danny Jessup) and one great winger with the SF Red Fog (Adam Sanders). Click here for the rest of the article. [post=17408571.21]



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