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ChiefDeadMeats (419498)

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Managed by ChiefDeadMeat Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club: 2,612 members

Arena: ChiefDeadMeats Arena (capacity 70,000)

Ranked 266

Players in the tracker: 13

Press announcement

4/14/2021 10:48:00 AM Last game, who will take the series?

That's it folks, we're approaching the end of another exciting series and it is another nail biter between Green Bay and Redemption. Will Redemption take it once again, or will we see Green Bay go for Div III ? Green Bay certainly have the experience and pedigree of a PP title (season 56), but will their manager be distracted coaching Oceania U21? Redemption is no rookie in Div III either and the stage is set for a thrilling finish. Our favorites bagged a splendid 3rd and the team build is coming along nicely. The manager told us that next season's goal is #2 and to win the season following. We here at Red Flab Radio are very excited! Congrats to [b]Chatswood[/b] [teamid=424090] who sealed their league victory last week and are heading back to Div IV! Over in the English league V.240 [leagueid=6587] [b]Swedish King Eagles[/b] [teamid=956290] secured the series victory (followed by [b]Bow Bells FC[/b] [teamid=57809]) and will be warming up for their shot at Div IV.



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