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Press announcement

6/26/2022 4:03:00 AM Back on the air

Alright folks, there we have it, our manager is finally returning his focus to our beloved team after a long stint with the U21 team. The Oceanian U21 team managed to secure the nation's first Gold medal in the Continental Cup [tournamentmatchid=25896578], where our very on manager proudly acted as Assistant Coach. It should be noted that it is the second silverware our manager has won with the Oceanian U20/21 team (the first a silver in the WC final v Germany [matchid=669657378]), but at that time the HTFA did not award him a separate trophy to display. We here at Red Flab Radio are however very happy he is able to once again focus on the team and by gosh do they need it. Ended 1st last season and qualified for Div III, to now fight in the relegation zone 12 weeks later. We have spoken about it many times with fans - something needs to be done and that is double quick. Let's see what's in store now that he is back! Go DeadMeats!