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Wallachia (419447)

Club details

Managed by -Picard- Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club The Red Ogres: 2,602 members

Arena: (capacity 0)

Ranked 432

Players in the tracker: 8

Press announcement

5/26/2021 1:53:00 AM Phase 1 - Season 3 update

How time flies! We are already in the 3rd season of the long cycle. We started our journey with 6 trainees but had plans to sell two of them after 4 seasons. We bought Santo [playerid=455244683] when FCs were a thing and very expensive. The idea behind was to train Santo from 17yo up to 30yo+ and have him as my FC. HT decided to implement a series of reforms and therefore Santo was considered to get the chop as his skills are a touch behind the others. We welcomed two players at the club but most likely they`ll end up sold in the next few seasons as they are not part of the long plans the club has: Archie Conolan [playerid=451900420]. Archie is one of our club best YPs (6 sc + 7 passing + 6 pm at 17.0 yo) but his new club is planning a revamp and therefore we bought him back. Petrică Vaida [playerid=444550010]. Petrica is a top Ro PNF that will be temporarily trained at our club until he finds a new home. Until the end of the season no other changes are forecasted



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