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Draconarius (419447)

Club details

Managed by -Picard- Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club The Red Ogres: 2,716 members

Arena: Wallachia Colloseum (capacity 70,000)

Ranked 206

Players in the tracker: 12

Press announcement

2/9/2022 10:01:00 AM Phase 2 - Season 4 update

After almost 4 seasons of PM training with a tad of passing and scoring we are finally at the stage when we switch to defending, fire the form coach and hire a FD5 to release some cash from reserves. After I was outbid on both Timothy Godfrey [playerid=452905788] and Danny Farah [playerid=452667311] I started wondering if the curse of this generation is to not have any top Oceanian H midfielders. I was outbid on a few 17 yo when I started and again on the two! To stay positive we acquired one of the best H midfielders of Kazakhstan on a bargain I think. Sublevels and experience raised to 9 after just one match. He will pair nicely with the Suriname stallion that played for Suriname a good number of matches at U21. During the defending cycle I`ll invest some money in some players that I`ll sell when def cycle ends. Moreover, the club name will change to Draconarius with the logo already commissioned and updated. Happy defending training!



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