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Mahatma Memorial (31850)

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Managed by Maidichtling (in the tracker)

Fan club Rajkot's Rajas: 3,483 members

Arena: (capacity 0)

Ranked 5

Players in the tracker: 25

Press announcement

12/30/2020 10:05:00 PM Sell out

Thanks for this run. I enjoyed every moment und have put in maximum effort to be 150% at most important times. I can't believe my luck to claim such a dominance against some great teams in the past maybe 15 seasons. It all started with a NT India wingback-project which lead to a pure counter-attack team that reached India Cup finals well before time: [matchid=582845014] It somehow evolved to become a force in world Hattrick and compete with the best in different eras and tactical optima. I always loved the strategical part of the game and want to especially thank my collegues [b]kalle_kalk[/b] [userid=5401566] and [b]muchacho[/b] [userid=4073391] who brought my game forward to another level and always made me believe! Thanks guys, you and the other "staff members" always supporting my cause were fabulous. Special thanks in this regard to Flauschi [userid=5009619] and BAB158 [userid=9842375] as well! Well, it is over. It - inevitably - just happened. [b]Adios I-League![/b]



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