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Mahatma Memorial (31850)

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Managed by Maidichtling (in the tracker)

Fan club Snoopy Dogs: 2,780 members

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Ranked 67

Players in the tracker: 24

Press announcement

4/26/2024 5:55:00 PM Event announcement for 27.04.2024

We proudly announce the elevation of Susano Dave to the helm, leading our soldiers of the future into a realm of renewed greatness. Alongside him stands Mohan Das, a stalwart guardian of our aspirations. Susano's appointment symbolizes a profound belief in the power of dedication and foresight to transform dreams into tangible triumphs.These two keepers will form a symbiotic bond, a testament to the unyielding spirit that defines Mahatma Memorial. Their journey mirrors our collective quest for greatness, as we strive to reignite the flames of passion and prowess on the field of Hattrick India. In their hands, the legacy of Mahatma Memorial finds renewed purpose and potency, poised to etch its name once more upon the annals of sporting history. With unwavering resolve, we stand united in our pursuit of victory, under the stewardship of Susano Dave and the guardianship of Mohan Das. Let the games begin! Maidichtling. [i]~powered by ai.[/i]