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Cobh Titanix (281276)

Club details

Managed by Lufino (in the tracker)

Fan club Chimney Roar: 2,181 members

Arena: Tip of the iceberg (capacity 44,000)

Ranked 370

Players in the tracker: 8

Press announcement

4/12/2022 7:11:00 PM Clever or corrupt?

Sixth season in the same league. And not a step further? Not quite. Constantly, at least. And maybe soon a player in the U21s? Probably only on the bench. But better than no bench. And then there's the money. Apparently there are corruption allegations against the manager. He is said to have illegally siphoned off millions for his own home in the Maldives. Apparently because the bank managers wanted to invest money firmly as a result of abundance. Where will all this lead?



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