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Cobh Titanix (281276)

Club details

Managed by Lufino (in the tracker)

Fan club Chimney Roar: 1,581 members

Arena: Tip of the iceberg (capacity 37,000)

Ranked 337

Players in the tracker: 4

Press announcement

12/28/2020 6:43:00 PM New outfit from star designer

After the successful end of the season, the Titanix invited to the fashion show today. The new clothes of the star designer were presented by Vollprofi [userid=13320169]. Various dress were available. The fans were able to take part in the e-voting via the online stream and decided on the first performance. "From now on, our boys can also be seen in fashion on the lawn. We would like to thank you for the super design by Vollprofi, which as a surprising thank you gift for a supporter package on our part. They still exist, the do-gooders :-)". That is the opinion of Lufino. It is unusual that he only speaks positively for once. Miracles still happen. What miracles can you expect from HT's dress design functions for the New Year?



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