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Bulls of Midlothian F.C. (243076)

Club details

Managed by Sandman_SAS Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club BraveHearts: 2,642 members

Arena: Old Distillery (capacity 66,001)

Ranked 146

Players in the tracker: 8

Press announcement

4/17/2021 9:49:00 PM We are the Champions: Proud and Happy

Finaly, After 2 season Bulls Of Midlothian FC are the Champions of VI.61 The President spoke about last match and season: [q]With Bullshit attacking with so many players it was easier for us to control the middle of the pitch and from there we attacked. It's important to have emotional control. We played a beautiful match and we deserved to win championship, not just for this match but for the whole run to the end of the season. I am very, very proud right now to be Presidenrt of Bulls Of Midlothian. If you want to win you must be able to build a team. The team must have spirit and work together and that's why I'm proud of BoM.[/q]



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