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Kinclaven (242855)

Club details

Managed by Garyrr Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club The Kinclueless: 2,599 members

Arena: Kites Headland (capacity 84,000)

Ranked 478

Players in the tracker: 10

Press announcement

11/29/2020 10:48:00 AM Time Up For Now

Time has been called on this Kinclaven team. The manager has been really impressed with their achievements. 1 Scottish Premier title and twice losing cup finalists. Season 59 - 1st II.4 - Final Cup Season 60 - 1st SPL - QF Cup Season 61 - 2nd SPL - Final Cup Season 62 - 3rd SPL - Semi - Final Cup Season 63 - 2nd SPL - R16 With our 3 homegrown wingers being our pride of joy: Derek 'Dorky' Urquhart - 461 games 145 goals - 13 NT caps Tony 'Trade Secret' MacGregor - 411 games 92 goals - 2 NT caps Lee 'Torture' Chamber - 406 games 111 goals - 30 NT caps and 22 U20 caps. They have given us some great entertainment and Lee Chamber now takes over as the new coach. We hope he can make some players as good as the team he was part of. We hope to make it back to the SPL one day!



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