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Miowara's Revenge (225786)

Club details

Managed by jashaz Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club A Dish Best Served Cold: 2,554 members

Arena: Lord Nobunaga's Castle (capacity 68,126)

Ranked 401

Players in the tracker: 4

Press announcement

5/16/2016 2:10:00 PM III, Here we come!

After their 6-2 blowout win on the road versus the Purple People Eaters [matchid=567796304], Revenge broke out the champagne. Jashaz only allowed the celebration after it was learned that Revenge have also clinched automatic promotion back to Series III. "We're 4 points above the promotion line right now, so we're headed back to our highest point in club history" jashaz blurted out between quaffs of cheap bubbly. "We can let it all hang out next week without fear". Revenge's win was also buoyed by the Arsenal FC Gunners' win at home vs. Footlights - that alone would have brought them the IV.63 title. But being able to win versus a highly offensive team like PPE was the icing on the cake. Even if we did give up a quick event in the rain. Karma, you are a bitch.



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