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Rush Hour FC (225082)

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Managed by chrismatt6 Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club Rush Hour Club: 3,430 members

Arena: Arena Luis Freitas (capacity 70,000)

Ranked 9

Players in the tracker: 14

Press announcement

3/23/2022 8:12:00 PM Rebranding

We officially announce the rebranding of the club today. As we say bye to the black and orange, we say hello to the black and red that the new name brings. The new team name is Rush Hour FC which is based off of the Rush Hour movies with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. We sat down with the homegrown product and discussed his thoughts on the new brand for his squad that he grew up in. "You know it's hard to get to used to the new team name of course but getting rid of wearing that orange, isn't hard." says DiBitetto. [i] Reporter asks Alex what he thinks of the upcoming season:[/i] "I believe we can finally contend for the title and start playing the way we desire which is exciting for the work we have put forth over the years." says Alex. [i]Any final words Alex?[/i] "GO RUSH HOUR FC!"