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KarpinLeopards FC (2064552)

Club details

Managed by Pibe_Valderrama Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club Columna 8: 2,907 members

Arena: Coliseo Patrice Lumumba (capacity 65,000)

Ranked 64

Players in the tracker: 16

Press announcement

7/25/2022 9:30:00 PM Season #9 - Wrap-up

⚡ [b]Aces High - Gods Cycle Plan[/b] Two new Gods joined the party... 'Kronos' Mpoyi [playerid=456140421] & 'Prometheus' Maure [playerid=455859456] are now part of the team and the training gets tougher. ⚽ [b]Competition[/b]... league with many bots, we ended 2nd among 4 real teams. We are becoming more competitives season after season. [b]Economy[/b], not too many slots to steptrade, as most of them are covered by players being trained for the plan. [b]Congo National Teams[/b], hard work as we keep preparing the NT generation but also collaborating on the U21 staff to keep establishing Congo as a big nation in Africa.



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