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KarpinCongo FC (2064552)

Club details

Managed by Pibe_Valderrama Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club Columna 8: 1,804 members

Arena: Coliseo Patrice Lumumba (capacity 31,000)

Ranked 26

Players in the tracker: 5

Press announcement

7/2/2020 4:28:00 AM Bye bye Cups, welcome new coach!

KarpinCongo FC ended his participation on the 'Congo Sapphire Challenger Cup' after losing 4-2 against 'league-colleague' Zaire Jungle [teamid=2064682]. Despite the result, the opportunity to get away with the win was closer than expected, but our opponent superiority finally prevailed. It would have been great to move one more round, but the organization & fans know that the focus is right now on the [b]*ACES HIGH*[/b] cycle plan [post=17329481.1]. Hours after the match, the directives announced what was an open-secret in the club... Steve Amurao [playerid=390450650] was removed from the headcoach position, and replace by former player [b]Yaghoub Pasban ‍[/b] [playerid=385354333]. [q]'Steve was a pillar for this team since the foundation, but both parties agreed that the new course the organization is taking needs a different coach profile', says the statement the team provided to the press.[/q] The future looks far away but the path is planned



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