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Nioumachoua New Machines (2062281)

Club details

Managed by FabianS (in the tracker)

Fan club: 3,322 members

Arena: Beach front stadium (capacity 85,000)

Ranked 9

Players in the tracker: 16

Press announcement

5/3/2020 5:33:00 PM League champions!

After 12 rounds Nioumachoua have been crowned league champions. Rather than jubilant, coach Wambua was being modest in his comments to the press after the fact: "We've had an odd schedule this season - with four proper opponents in the league it is tough to play those games back-to-back. We were lucky to get away with four victories in the opening games and should be humble about the fact that it will really tricky to repeat that feat. We're still facing two really tough games and if we want to advance in the league system we need to play at our maximum. Even a draw could mean that we loose our direct promotion, forcing us into an uncertain qualification game." GM FabianS adds to that sentiment: "Today we rejoice at having secured the title, tomorrow we continue working towards the opportunity to measure ourselves against some of the top teams in the Comores. That would be a tough, but fun, task as we aren't even ranked among the 50 strongest teams of the nation."



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