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Nioumachoua New Machines (2062281)

Club details

Managed by FabianS (in the tracker)

Fan club: 3,665 members

Arena: Beach front stadium (capacity 94,522)

Ranked 3

Players in the tracker: 18

Press announcement

7/3/2022 2:47:00 PM Advancement to top division secured!

With one game to go NNM today secured the advancement to the top tier as the top ranked team, and that with a game to go! The key to advancing has of course been our strong homegrown midfield, with all three players starting as IMs for Comoros in Friday's international games. Youssuf and Abdallah are regular starting players being the 2nd and 3rd highest players from Comoros in PM (with the highest lacking secondary skills). The most common third player in the midfield, Sambi, is also among the top 10 in PM from Comoros. Today however, that spot was taken by recent African champion Soulé Elbak, who currently is having the time of his life with the u21-team. After being selected for the semifinal and final in the gold winning Comoros u21-team in the African Cup, he then kicked off the World Cup-campaign by scoring the only goal in the premiere against Kyrgyzstan. Now we are looking forward to see what they can do in Comoros Super. But first; let's end with style next week!



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