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HairyBird Harlekins (1992841)

Club details

Managed by Maidichtling (in the tracker)

Fan club HairyBird Harlekins: 3,219 members

Arena: Tukki Tukki Palace (capacity 82,523)

Ranked 20

Players in the tracker: 24

Press announcement

10/26/2021 11:10:00 AM Adding purpose

[q]HairyBird enjoys being a Winger-Plant serving indian society and will continue supporting U21. Currently two prospects will be back-up options for WC 34, one spot is kept free for flexible needs...[/q] Nonetheless, the arrival of some new faces has added [u]purpose[/u] to this farm team. The U21 prospects need to stay longer in the India Cup competing with stronger teams. In the meanwhile they shall develop smoothly in division II! [hr][i]"Well, it is time to look around and establish a more flexible approach to tactics and focus more on game results rather than pure player development. Thanks to the first core group of contracted amateurs! We take a bow! Especially, we are really happy how our head-coach Ksaverinas Žižnevičius evolved and developed professional football here. We will promote him to become [i]Head of Team Management[/i] and are looking out for the next coach to work with the players on field."[/i] [b]- Lars Leibold[/b] [i]CEO 'Mahatma Sports Ltd.'[/i]



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