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French Rasta Connection (1985850)

Club details

Managed by Nicosleboss Hattrick Supporter Platinum (in the tracker)

Fan club French Rasta Connection: 3,536 members

Arena: Ganja Park (capacity 86,169)

Ranked 5

Players in the tracker: 16

Press announcement

4/24/2022 1:11:00 PM Want more

now you get, what you want ? do you want moooooreeee ? a beautiful week or the beggining of the end :) after playing the mythical Iron Lion Zion in ganja park tonight and fight against our friend of last season Suomy Lejona FC in cup. We have aready reach our objective for the season with 2 points in league (what an incredible result last week, hope a new one tonight but we now how the task is hard !) Come on , Time to show our best team for our fans



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