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Drumul Tavernei (1961016)

Club details

Managed by Mod-laurpopa (in the tracker)

Fan club: 2,853 members

Arena: (capacity 0)

Ranked 74

Players in the tracker: 20

Press announcement

11/7/2018 8:17:00 AM Flag collection

110 flags still to gather (home & away) as of today. That would be a deadline to be set for 2021. [i]Note: first team flag collection is completed since long time ago :)[/i][hr] [b]Update April 2019[/b]: considering new countries plus Cup games, 2022 seems to be more realistic, although one new flag will be added weekly. [b]Update December 2019[/b]: 87 flags remaining [b]Update May 2020[/b]: 4 new countries added and maybe more to come in the new seasons, still 77 flags remaining. Hmm... 2023? [b]Update December 2020[/b]: 5 new countries added last season, 67 flags to be collected => 2023 for the achievement [b]Update October 2021[/b]: 36 flags remaining; with some luck and no new countries, there is a chance to complete by the end of 2022



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