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Los Mejores Fútbol Club (1659900)

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Press announcement

12/4/2023 12:37:00 AM New Direction

Martin Saar [playerid=433139836] has been relieved of his duties as Head Coach the board announced Sunday night. The Estonian had been at the club for 6 seasons, having acted both as a player and as a coach and overseeing some of the most memorable moments in Mejores' history. Unfortunately, his inability to lead the club into the Campeonato Brasileiro ultimately cost him his job, said club President Elisha Carmeli. "We appreciate what Martin has done for us, but the board has agreed that it is time to move in a new direction and try new things", he added. 47-year-old Patrick Opoku [playerid=397282809], a former Ghanaian international, has been appointed as the club's new Head Coach. He had been a part of Saar's background staff for a few seasons and is said to be excited about his new job. "We want to rebuild the club's identity around our youth and having someone as experienced as Patrick to lead this project is exactly what we need", said Carmeli about the new hire.