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U20 Teams

#TeamCountry (English)Team SpiritSelf ConfidenceSupporters PopularityFan Club SizeRating Score
1 Nederland U-20 Nederland Netherlandsmurderousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life3291345
2 Côte d’Ivoire U-20 Côte d'Ivoire Côte d’Ivoiremurderousstrongsatisfied2109330
3 Crna Gora U-20 Crna Gora Montenegromurderouswonderfulhigh on life1892330
4 Danmark U-20 Danmark Denmarkcomposedstrongsatisfied2962330
5 Eesti U-20 Eesti Estoniamurderousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2717315
6 Italia U-20 Italia Italymurderouswonderfulhigh on life3088315
7 Perú U-20 Perú Perucomposeddecentcontent2545315
8 Cyprus U-20 Cyprus Cyprusmurderousstronghigh on life2241300
9 England U-20 England Englandmurderousdecentirritated2525300
10 Hellas U-20 Hellas Greecefuriousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2743300
11 Rossiya U-20 Rossiya Russiairritatedslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2667300
12 Scotland U-20 Scotland Scotlandmurderousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2648300
13 Slovensko U-20 Slovensko Slovakiacomposedstrongdelirious2693300
14 South Africa U-20 South Africa South Africalike the Cold Warwonderfulhigh on life2017300
15 Angola U-20 Angola Angolamurderousstrongdelirious2214285
16 República Dominicana U-20 Dominican Republic Dominican Republicmurderousstrongsatisfied2266285
17 France U-20 France Francemurderousstronghigh on life2586285
18 Guatemala U-20 Guatemala Guatemalalike the Cold Warstrongdelirious2186285
19 Lietuva U-20 Lietuva Lithuaniamurderousstronghigh on life2197285
20 Oceania U-20 Oceania Oceaniamurderousdecentsatisfied2522285
21 Pilipinas U-20 Pilipinas Philippinesmurderouswonderfulhigh on life2355285
22 Uruguay U-20 Uruguay Uruguaymurderousstronghigh on life2808285
23 Azərbaycan U-20 Azərbaycan Azerbaijanmurderouswonderfulhigh on life2341270
24 Deutschland U-20 Deutschland Germanymurderousdecentdelirious3180270
25 Iran U-20 Iran Iranmurderousstronghigh on life2880270
26 Ireland U-20 Ireland Irelandmurderousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2939270
27 Liechtenstein U-20 Liechtenstein Liechtensteinmurderousdecentsatisfied1974270
28 Nigeria U-20 Nigeria Nigerialike the Cold Warwonderfulhigh on life2193270
29 Portugal U-20 Portugal Portugalmurderousstronghigh on life2660270
30 Brasil U-20 Brasil Brazilfuriousdecentdelirious2755255
31 Cameroon U-20 Cameroon Cameroonlike the Cold Warstronghigh on life2332255
32 Česká republika U-20 Česká republika Czech Republicirritatedstronghigh on life3088255
33 España U-20 España Spainirritatedstrongsatisfied3096255
34 Honduras U-20 Honduras Hondurasmurderousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2202255
35 Israel U-20 Israel Israelcomposedslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2499255
36 Kazakhstan U-20 Kazakhstan Kazakhstanlike the Cold Warstronghigh on life2427255
37 Kenya U-20 Kenya Kenyamurderouswonderfulhigh on life2212255
38 Malta U-20 Malta Maltamurderouswonderfulhigh on life2649255
39 Mongol Uls U-20 Mongol Uls Mongoliairritateddecentcontent2341255
40 Northern Ireland U-20 Northern Ireland Northern Irelandirritateddecentcontent2189255
41 Österreich U-20 Österreich Austriamurderousstronghigh on life2697255
42 Polska U-20 Polska Polandfuriousstronghigh on life2739255
43 Schweiz U-20 Schweiz Switzerlandmurderousslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2892255
44 Türkiye U-20 Türkiye Turkeymurderousdecentsatisfied3021255
45 USA U-20 USA USAmurderousdecentcontent3114255
46 Venezuela U-20 Venezuela Venezuelamurderousdecentdelirious2184255
47 Belarus U-20 Belarus Belarusfuriousstrongsatisfied2422240
48 Belgium U-20 Belgium Belgiummurderouspoorcontent3286240
49 Bénin U-20 Bénin Beninfuriousstronghigh on life2632240
50 Bosna i Hercegovina U-20 Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovinamurderouspoorirritated2356240
51 Colombia U-20 Colombia Colombiamurderousstrongsatisfied2126240
52 Cymru U-20 Cymru Waleslike the Cold Warpoorcalm1864240
53 Ukraina U-20 Ukraina Ukrainemurderousdecentdelirious2669240
54 Argentina U-20 Argentina Argentinafuriouspoorirritated2779225
55 Bulgaria U-20 Bulgaria Bulgariamurderousstrongsatisfied2865225
56 Dawlat Qatar U-20 Dawlat Qatar Qatarirritatedstronghigh on life2285225
57 Ísland U-20 Ísland Icelandfuriousstronghigh on life2640225
58 Moldova U-20 Moldova Moldovairritatedpoorsatisfied2426225
59 România U-20 România Romaniamurderouspoorfurious3018225
60 Suomi U-20 Suomi Finlandirritatedstronghigh on life2816225
61 Suriyah U-20 Suriyah Syriamurderouswretchedirritated2182225
62 Tanzania U-20 Tanzania Tanzaniamurderousdecentdelirious2540225
63 Uganda U-20 Uganda Ugandalike the Cold Wardecentdelirious2174225
64 Al Kuwayt U-20 Al Kuwayt Kuwaitmurderouspoorirritated1950210
65 Cabo Verde U-20 Cabo Verde Cape Verdemurderouspoorcalm1992210
66 Canada U-20 Canada Canadairritateddecenthigh on life2476210
67 Ghana U-20 Ghana Ghanafuriousdecentdelirious2155210
68 Indonesia U-20 Indonesia Indonesiamurderousdecenthigh on life2439210
69 O’zbekiston U-20 O'zbekiston Uzbekistanmurderouspoorcalm2100210
70 Palestine U-20 Palestine Palestinemurderousstronghigh on life2418210
71 Srbija U-20 Srbija Serbiamurderousdecentcontent2788210
72 Sverige U-20 Sverige Swedenmurderousdecentsatisfied2735210
73 Việt Nam U-20 Việt Nam Vietnammurderousdecenthigh on life2245210
74 Chinese Taipei U-20 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipeicontentdecenthigh on life2113195
75 Jamaica U-20 Jamaica Jamaicamurderouspoorirritated2436195
76 Nicaragua U-20 Nicaragua Nicaraguamurderouswretchedirritated2522195
77 Norge U-20 Norge Norwayirritateddecentdelirious2738195
78 Singapore U-20 Singapore Singaporemurderousdecentirritated2629195
79 Suriname U-20 Suriname Surinamemurderouspoorirritated2524195
80 Al Urdun U-20 Al Urdun Jordanmurderouspoorcalm2033180
81 Algérie U-20 Algérie Algeriafuriousdisastrousfurious2047180
82 Chile U-20 Chile Chilemurderousdecentcontent2793180
83 El Salvador U-20 El Salvador El Salvadorlike the Cold Wardecentsatisfied2471180
84 Føroyar U-20 Føroyar Faroe Islandsfuriouspoorcontent2142180
85 Hayastan U-20 Hayastan Armeniamurderouspoorcontent2200180
86 Lëtzebuerg U-20 Lëtzebuerg Luxembourgmurderouspoorcalm2263180
87 Pakistan U-20 Pakistan Pakistancalmdecentcontent2096180
88 United Arab Emirates U-20 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emiratesfuriouspoorsatisfied2138180
89 Al Iraq U-20 Al Iraq Iraqmurderouswretchedfurious2094165
90 Al Maghrib U-20 Al Maghrib Moroccomurderousstronghigh on life1920165
91 Al Yaman U-20 Al Yaman Yemenfuriouspoorcontent2217165
92 Andorra U-20 Andorra Andorramurderousdecentcontent2627165
93 Bangladesh U-20 Bangladesh Bangladeshmurderouspoorcontent2106165
94 Bolivia U-20 Bolivia Boliviamurderousdecenthigh on life2223165
95 Latvija U-20 Latvija Latviafuriouswretchedfurious2730165
96 Malaysia U-20 Malaysia Malaysiamurderousstronghigh on life2325165
97 Trinidad & Tobago U-20 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobagoirritatedpoorcontent2439165
98 Cuba U-20 Cuba Cubamurderouspoorcontent2016150
99 Hong Kong U-20 Hong Kong Hong Kongfuriousdecenthigh on life2418150
100 Kyrgyz Republic U-20 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republicmurderousnon-existentirritated2230150
101 Misr U-20 Misr Egyptmurderousdecenthigh on life1968150
102 Moçambique U-20 Moçambique Mozambiquecomposedpoorirritated2108150
103 Tounes U-20 Tounes Tunisiafuriousdecentsatisfied1952150
104 China U-20 China People's Republic of Chinamurderouswretchedirritated2588135
105 Dhivehi Raajje U-20 Dhivehi Raajje Maldivesmurderouspoorcontent2594135
106 Hrvatska U-20 Hrvatska Croatiamurderouspoorcalm2411135
107 México U-20 México Mexicomurderousdisastrousfurious2372135
108 Panamá U-20 Panama Panamafuriouswretchedirritated2053135
109 Paraguay U-20 Paraguay Paraguayirritateddecentdelirious1821135
110 Prathet Thai U-20 Prathet Thai Thailandmurderouspoorcalm2226135
111 Severna Makedonija U-20 Severna Makedonija North Macedoniamurderousdecenthigh on life1978135
112 Barbados U-20 Barbados Barbadosmurderouspoorcalm2374120
113 Brunei U-20 Brunei Bruneicontentpoorcalm2075120
114 India U-20 India Indiafuriouswretchedirritated2383120
115 Magyarország U-20 Magyarország Hungarymurderousdecentsatisfied2616120
116 Oman U-20 Oman Omanlike the Cold Warpoorcalm2286120
117 Kampuchea U-20 Prateh Kampuchea Cambodiafuriouswretchedirritated2208120
118 Costa Rica U-20 Costa Rica Costa Ricafuriouswretchedirritated2374105
119 Ecuador U-20 Ecuador Ecuadorcomposedpoorcalm2074105
120 Lubnan U-20 Lubnan Lebanonmurderousdecenthigh on life2306105
121 Nippon U-20 Nippon Japanfuriouspoorcontent2341105
122 Sakartvelo U-20 Sakartvelo Georgialike the Cold Warwretchedirritated2224105
123 Saudi Arabia U-20 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabiafuriousdisastrousfurious2354105
124 Slovenija U-20 Slovenija Sloveniafuriouswretchedirritated2609105
125 Bahrain U-20 Bahrain Bahrainwalking on cloudspoorhigh on life239475
126 Shqipëria U-20 Shqiperia Albaniamurderouswretchedirritated228575
127 Hanguk U-20 Hanguk South Koreamurderouswretchedcalm193360
128 Sénégal U-20 Senegal Senegalmurderousdisastrousirritated196545


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