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National Teams

#TeamCountry (English)Team SpiritSelf ConfidenceSupporters PopularityFan Club SizeRating Score
1 Schweiz Schweiz Switzerlandlike the Cold Warslightly exaggerateddelirious217913719
2 Türkiye Türkiye Turkeylike the Cold Wardecentirritated206011051
3 Österreich Österreich Austrialike the Cold Wardecentcontent210210247
4 France France Francemurderousdecentcontent212510237
5 Iran Iran Iranlike the Cold Wardecentcalm218310016
6 Hellas Hellas Greecelike the Cold Wardecentcontent20779819
7 Canada Canada Canadalike the Cold Wardecentcalm21129803
8 Sverige Sverige Swedenlike the Cold Warstrongsatisfied22409706
9 Danmark Danmark Denmarklike the Cold Wardecentcalm21839588
10 Suomi Suomi Finlandlike the Cold Wardecentcalm22679492
11 Slovensko Slovensko Slovakialike the Cold Wardecentcalm20809335
12 Tanzania Tanzania Tanzaniafuriouspoorcalm19249210
13 Italia Italia Italylike the Cold Wardecentcalm21499119
14 Eesti Eesti Estoniafuriousdecentcalm21198459
15 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladeshcomposeddecentcontent18998386
16 Moldova Moldova Moldovalike the Cold Wardecentcalm19968211
17 Nederland Nederland Netherlandsmurderousdecentcontent20867834
18 China China People's Republic of Chinamurderousdecentcalm20487596
19 Kampuchea Prateh Kampuchea Cambodiafuriousdecentcalm18477371
20 Deutschland Deutschland Germanymurderousdecentcontent20917252
21 Argentina Argentina Argentinalike the Cold Wardecentcontent21126902
22 Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgarialike the Cold Wardecentcalm21196780
23 Sénégal Senegal Senegallike the Cold Wardecentcalm18196748
24 Česká republika Česká republika Czech Republicmurderousdecentcalm20796700
25 England England Englandlike the Cold Wardecentcalm20296378
26 Perú Perú Perucomposeddecentcalm19596299
27 Nigeria Nigeria Nigerialike the Cold Wardecentcalm19325977
28 India India Indiairritateddecentcalm18965901
29 Cymru Cymru Walesfuriousdecentcalm19565877
30 Malta Malta Maltalike the Cold Wardecentcalm20035841
31 Chile Chile Chilelike the Cold Wardecentcalm20025772
32 Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republiclike the Cold Wardecentcalm18175720
33 Polska Polska Polandmurderousdecentcalm20525451
34 Portugal Portugal Portugallike the Cold Wardecentcalm17905398
35 Brasil Brasil Brazilmurderousdecentcalm18995381
36 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaicalike the Cold Wardecentcalm19055362
37 Panamá Panama Panamacomposeddecentcalm17935325
38 Belgium Belgium Belgiumlike the Cold Wardecentcalm20525249
39 Israel Israel Israellike the Cold Wardecentcalm20805128
40 España España Spainlike the Cold Wardecentcalm19695111
41 Bosna i Hercegovina Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovinamurderousdecentcalm18325057
42 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistanmurderousdecentcalm17964989
43 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kongirritateddecentcalm17464982
44 Slovenija Slovenija Slovenialike the Cold Wardecentcalm18064977
45 Honduras Honduras Honduraslike the Cold Wardecentcalm17604832
46 Venezuela Venezuela Venezuelalike the Cold Wardecentcalm18334809
47 Shqipëria Shqiperia Albanialike the Cold Wardecentcalm18934806
48 Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Ricalike the Cold Wardecentcalm17234769
49 Scotland Scotland Scotlandlike the Cold Wardecentcalm17984752
50 South Africa South Africa South Africalike the Cold Wardecentcalm18434702
51 Ireland Ireland Irelandlike the Cold Wardecentcalm19814603
52 Srbija Srbija Serbialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17704600
53 Hrvatska Hrvatska Croatialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17874480
54 Lietuva Lietuva Lithuanialike the Cold Wardecentcalm19204479
55 Lëtzebuerg Lëtzebuerg Luxembourglike the Cold Wardecentcalm19664436
56 Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cape Verdelike the Cold Wardecentcalm15774431
57 Belarus Belarus Belaruscomposeddecentcalm17714428
58 Côte d’Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire Côte d’Ivoirelike the Cold Wardecentcalm15974422
59 Dhivehi Raajje Dhivehi Raajje Maldivescomposeddecentcalm18274385
60 Ecuador Ecuador Ecuadorlike the Cold Wardecentcalm18554359
61 Magyarország Magyarország Hungaryirritateddecentcalm18264359
62 Bolivia Bolivia Bolivialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17394307
63 Rossiya Rossiya Russialike the Cold Wardecentcalm18414108
64 Dawlat Qatar Dawlat Qatar Qatarirritateddecentcalm16974107
65 Severna Makedonija Severna Makedonija North Macedonialike the Cold Wardecentcalm16734074
66 Latvija Latvija Latviamurderousdecentcalm19324068
67 Suriname Suriname Surinamecomposeddecentcalm17613881
68 Suriyah Suriyah Syrialike the Cold Wardecentcalm18693879
69 O’zbekiston O'zbekiston Uzbekistanlike the Cold Wardecentcalm18753848
70 Ísland Ísland Icelandlike the Cold Wardecentcalm19663799
71 Ghana Ghana Ghanamurderousdecentcalm17293773
72 Brunei Brunei Bruneimurderousdecentcalm16903723
73 USA USA USAlike the Cold Wardecentcalm19063639
74 Bahrain Bahrain Bahrainlike the Cold Wardecentcalm18333550
75 Kenya Kenya Kenyalike the Cold Wardecentcalm18013539
76 Angola Angola Angolamurderousdecentcalm18653482
77 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstanlike the Cold Wardecentcalm15553481
78 Hanguk Hanguk South Koreairritateddecentcalm17603345
79 Paraguay Paraguay Paraguaylike the Cold Wardecentcalm18233343
80 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemalamurderousdecentcalm16663311
81 Uganda Uganda Ugandamurderousdecentcalm17343310
82 Sakartvelo Sakartvelo Georgialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17723307
83 Al Maghrib Al Maghrib Moroccomurderousdecentcalm17903275
84 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabiamurderousdecentcalm16913261
85 Lubnan Lubnan Lebanonlike the Cold Wardecentcalm16713224
86 Cameroon Cameroon Cameroonlike the Cold Wardecentcalm17333158
87 Misr Misr Egyptcomposeddecentcalm17053141
88 Ukraina Ukraina Ukrainecomposeddecentcalm17943086
89 Palestine Palestine Palestinelike the Cold Wardecentcalm18463052
90 Oman Oman Omanlike the Cold Wardecentcalm16793044
91 Al Urdun Al Urdun Jordanmurderousdecentcalm16633034
92 Nicaragua Nicaragua Nicaragualike the Cold Wardecentcalm17363013
93 Tounes Tounes Tunisialike the Cold Wardecentcalm16813009
94 Oceania Oceania Oceanialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17902995
95 Barbados Barbados Barbadoslike the Cold Wardecentcalm17482898
96 România România Romaniafuriousdecentcalm17922806
97 Indonesia Indonesia Indonesialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17442735
98 Føroyar Føroyar Faroe Islandslike the Cold Wardecentcalm16522655
99 Colombia Colombia Colombiamurderousdecentcalm16322622
100 Uruguay Uruguay Uruguaylike the Cold Wardecentcalm18432584
101 El Salvador El Salvador El Salvadorcomposeddecentcalm17152571
102 Việt Nam Việt Nam Vietnamcomposeddecentcalm16832456
103 Algérie Algérie Algeriamurderousdecentcalm17372393
104 Bénin Bénin Beninlike the Cold Wardecentcalm14002309
105 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipeimurderousdecentcalm15492282
106 Cuba Cuba Cubafuriousdecentcalm15852231
107 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Northern Irelandcomposeddecentcalm17032221
108 Singapore Singapore Singaporelike the Cold Wardecentcalm16652202
109 Al Yaman Al Yaman Yemenmurderousdecentcalm16042159
110 Andorra Andorra Andorralike the Cold Wardecentcalm14892142
111 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Liechtensteinmurderousdecentcalm16082124
112 Nippon Nippon Japanlike the Cold Wardecentcalm14992027
113 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobagomurderousdecentcalm16872014
114 Azərbaycan Azərbaycan Azerbaijanlike the Cold Wardecentcalm14421976
115 Norge Norge Norwaylike the Cold Wardecentcalm19051916
116 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysiacomposeddecentcalm16351892
117 Cyprus Cyprus Cyprusirritateddecentcalm15931865
118 República Dominicana República Dominicana Dominican Republiclike the Cold Wardecentcalm16971763
119 Al Kuwayt Al Kuwayt Kuwaitmurderousdecentcalm17671713
120 Pilipinas Pilipinas Philippineslike the Cold Wardecentcalm16121619
121 Mongol Uls Mongol Uls Mongolialike the Cold Wardecentcalm17521288
122 Al Iraq Al Iraq Iraqlike the Cold Wardecentcalm16741265
123 Moçambique Moçambique Mozambiquelike the Cold Wardecentcalm12621216
124 Crna Gora Crna Gora Montenegromurderousdecentcalm17641205
125 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emiratescomposeddecentcalm11391150
126 Hayastan Hayastan Armeniairritateddecentcalm15781121
127 Prathet Thai Prathet Thai Thailandlike the Cold Wardecentcalm14311049
128 México México Mexicolike the Cold Wardecentcalm132482
129 Belize Belize Belizeirritateddecentcalm18550
130 Botswana Botswana Botswanacomposeddecentcalm18550
131 Comoros Comoros Comorosmurderousdecentcalm18550
132 Curaçao Curaçao Curaçaocomposeddecentcalm18550
133 Guam Guam Guammurderousdecentcalm18550
134 Haiti Haiti Haitiirritateddecentcalm18550
135 Ītyōṗṗyā Ītyōṗṗyā Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopiacomposeddecentcalm18550
136 Madagasikara Madagasikara Madagascarcomposeddecentcalm18550
137 Myanmar Myanmar Myanmarirritateddecentcalm18550
138 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Puerto Ricolike the Cold Wardecentcalm18550
139 RD Congo RD Congo Democratic Republic of the Congomurderousdecentcalm18550
140 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesmurderousdecentcalm18550
141 San Marino San Marino San Marinolike the Cold Wardecentcalm18550
142 São Tomé e Príncipe São Tomé e Príncipe São Tomé e Príncipelike the Cold Wardecentcalm18550
143 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Sri Lankacomposeddecentcalm18550
144 Zambia Zambia Zambiafuriousdecentcalm18550


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