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National Teams

#TeamCountry (English)Team SpiritSelf ConfidenceSupporters PopularityFan Club SizeRating Score
1 Iran Iran Iransatisfiedwonderfulsatisfied2323225
2 Österreich Österreich Austriawalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2125225
3 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladeshwalking on cloudsstronghigh on life1867210
4 Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cape Verdesatisfiedwonderfulhigh on life1501210
5 Deutschland Deutschland Germanydeliriousstronghigh on life1951210
6 Kampuchea Prateh Kampuchea Cambodiasatisfiedstrongsatisfied1931210
7 Sverige Sverige Swedensatisfiedwonderfulhigh on life2159210
8 Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgariadeliriousstrongdelirious2181195
9 Hellas Hellas Greecedeliriousstrongdelirious1966195
10 Malta Malta Maltacontentwonderfulhigh on life2067195
11 Slovenija Slovenija Sloveniasatisfiedwonderfulhigh on life1734195
12 Tanzania Tanzania Tanzaniawalking on cloudsstronghigh on life1816195
13 Argentina Argentina Argentinawalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2049180
14 Belarus Belarus Belaruscontentstrongsatisfied1760180
15 Bolivia Bolivia Boliviawalking on cloudsstronghigh on life1868180
16 Canada Canada Canadadeliriousdecentsatisfied2231180
17 Česká republika Česká republika Czech Republiccontentstrongdelirious2211180
18 España España Spainwalking on cloudsstrongsatisfied2141180
19 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kongsatisfiedstronghigh on life1753180
20 Israel Israel Israeldeliriousstronghigh on life2207180
21 Italia Italia Italywalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2142180
22 Panamá Panama Panamadeliriousdecentsatisfied1712180
23 Schweiz Schweiz Switzerlanddeliriousstronghigh on life2080180
24 Suomi Suomi Finlanddeliriousstrongdelirious2297180
25 Belgium Belgium Belgiumdeliriousstronghigh on life2143165
26 Chile Chile Chiledeliriousdecentsatisfied2096165
27 Danmark Danmark Denmarkwalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2261165
28 Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republicsatisfieddecentcontent1874165
29 Moldova Moldova Moldovawalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2021165
30 Nigeria Nigeria Nigeriadeliriousstronghigh on life1885165
31 Polska Polska Polanddeliriousstrongdelirious2155165
32 Portugal Portugal Portugaldeliriousdecentdelirious1904165
33 Sénégal Senegal Senegalsatisfieddecentcontent1768165
34 Türkiye Türkiye Turkeysatisfiedstrongdelirious2012165
35 Angola Angola Angoladeliriousstrongsatisfied1880150
36 Bosna i Hercegovina Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovinawalking on cloudsstronghigh on life1956150
37 China China People's Republic of Chinadeliriousstrongsatisfied2243150
38 Honduras Honduras Hondurasdeliriousstronghigh on life1679150
39 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaicawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied1914150
40 Nederland Nederland Netherlandsdeliriousdecenthigh on life2092150
41 O’zbekiston O'zbekiston Uzbekistancontentdecentcontent2097150
42 Venezuela Venezuela Venezuelawalking on cloudsstronghigh on life2075150
43 Brasil Brasil Brazilsatisfiedstronghigh on life2103135
44 Cymru Cymru Walesdeliriousdecentdelirious2049135
45 Hanguk Hanguk South Koreasatisfieddecentsatisfied1780135
46 Hrvatska Hrvatska Croatiadeliriousdecenthigh on life1873135
47 Ireland Ireland Irelandsatisfieddecentcontent2022135
48 Misr Misr Egyptdeliriousstronghigh on life1851135
49 Sakartvelo Sakartvelo Georgiawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied1761135
50 Slovensko Slovensko Slovakiawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied2055135
51 Uruguay Uruguay Uruguaydeliriousstrongdelirious2009135
52 Brunei Brunei Bruneisatisfiedstronghigh on life1702120
53 Colombia Colombia Colombiasatisfieddecenthigh on life1783120
54 Dawlat Qatar Dawlat Qatar Qatarwalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied1741120
55 Eesti Eesti Estoniawalking on cloudsdecentcontent2196120
56 England England Englandwalking on cloudsstronghigh on life2111120
57 France France Francesatisfiedwonderfulsatisfied2054120
58 India India Indiasatisfiedstronghigh on life1862120
59 Ísland Ísland Icelanddeliriouspoorirritated1977120
60 Kenya Kenya Kenyasatisfieddecenthigh on life1774120
61 Lietuva Lietuva Lithuaniasatisfieddecentsatisfied2057120
62 Nicaragua Nicaragua Nicaraguasatisfieddecentdelirious1765120
63 Norge Norge Norwaydeliriousstronghigh on life1921120
64 Palestine Palestine Palestinewalking on cloudspoorsatisfied1903120
65 Rossiya Rossiya Russiadeliriousdecentcontent1906120
66 Scotland Scotland Scotlandwalking on cloudspoorcalm1856120
67 Severna Makedonija Severna Makedonija North Macedoniadeliriousdecentsatisfied1806120
68 Ukraina Ukraina Ukrainedeliriousdecentcontent1899120
69 USA USA USAdeliriousstrongsatisfied2060120
70 Việt Nam Việt Nam Vietnamcontentdecenthigh on life1561120
71 Al Urdun Al Urdun Jordanirritateddecentsatisfied1599105
72 Andorra Andorra Andorradeliriousdecentdelirious1431105
73 Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Ricawalking on cloudsdecentcontent1863105
74 Côte d’Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire Côte d’Ivoiresatisfiedpoorcalm1738105
75 Dhivehi Raajje Dhivehi Raajje Maldivesdeliriousdecentsatisfied1883105
76 Ecuador Ecuador Ecuadordeliriousstronghigh on life1826105
77 El Salvador El Salvador El Salvadorcontentpoorcontent1885105
78 Indonesia Indonesia Indonesiawalking on cloudsdecentcontent1947105
79 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstansatisfieddecentsatisfied1413105
80 Latvija Latvija Latviawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied1968105
81 Oman Oman Omancontentdecentsatisfied1752105
82 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistansatisfieddecentcontent1923105
83 Paraguay Paraguay Paraguaycontentdecenthigh on life1794105
84 Shqipëria Shqiperia Albaniawalking on cloudspoorcalm1836105
85 Suriyah Suriyah Syriadeliriousdecentcontent1869105
86 Uganda Uganda Ugandasatisfieddecentsatisfied1803105
87 Al Maghrib Al Maghrib Moroccowalking on cloudspoorcontent177490
88 Bahrain Bahrain Bahrainwalking on cloudsdecentcontent182790
89 Bénin Bénin Beninsatisfiedpoorcontent144490
90 Cameroon Cameroon Cameroondeliriousdecentsatisfied179090
91 Cuba Cuba Cubacontentdecentdelirious159290
92 Ghana Ghana Ghanadeliriouswretchedirritated174690
93 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemaladeliriouspoorirritated180390
94 Magyarország Magyarország Hungarysatisfiedpoorcalm176690
95 Perú Perú Perusatisfieddecentdelirious198790
96 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabiacalmdecenthigh on life167690
97 Singapore Singapore Singaporecontentpoorcontent169190
98 South Africa South Africa South Africasatisfieddecenthigh on life185390
99 Suriname Suriname Surinamedeliriouswretchedirritated183790
100 Tounes Tounes Tunisiawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied163890
101 Al Yaman Al Yaman Yemenwalking on cloudspoorirritated180975
102 Føroyar Føroyar Faroe Islandswalking on cloudsdecentcontent169275
103 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Liechtensteinsatisfiedpoorcalm157875
104 Lubnan Lubnan Lebanoncomposedpoorcontent168875
105 Mongol Uls Mongol Uls Mongoliawalking on cloudsdecentcontent172375
106 Nippon Nippon Japandeliriouspoorcalm164075
107 Oceania Oceania Oceaniasatisfiedpoorcontent189175
108 Pilipinas Pilipinas Philippinessatisfiedpoorcontent154875
109 República Dominicana República Dominicana Dominican Republicwalking on cloudspoorcalm187575
110 România România Romaniasatisfiedpoorcalm194675
111 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobagosatisfiedpoorcalm178075
112 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipeiwalking on cloudsdecenthigh on life152660
113 Cyprus Cyprus Cypruscomposedpoorirritated158560
114 Lëtzebuerg Lëtzebuerg Luxembourgsatisfiedpoorcontent203260
115 Moçambique Moçambique Mozambiquesatisfiedwretchedirritated130260
116 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Northern Irelandsatisfiedpoorcalm169760
117 Al Kuwayt Al Kuwayt Kuwaitsatisfiedwretchedirritated182245
118 Algérie Algérie Algeriasatisfieddecentcontent174745
119 Hayastan Hayastan Armeniasatisfiedpoorcalm171945
120 Srbija Srbija Serbiasatisfiedpoorcontent167445
121 Barbados Barbados Barbadossatisfiedpoorcalm179330
122 Crna Gora Crna Gora Montenegrocalmwretchedirritated181330
123 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysiacontentwretchedirritated175330
124 Al Iraq Al Iraq Iraqcalmpoorirritated172315
125 Azərbaycan Azərbaycan Azerbaijandeliriouswretchedirritated142315
126 Prathet Thai Prathet Thai Thailandirritatedpoorcontent153115
127 México México Mexicocomposedwretchedirritated12870
128 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emiratesdeliriouswretchedirritated9600


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