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National Teams

#TeamCountry (English)Team SpiritSelf ConfidenceSupporters PopularityFan Club SizeRating Score
1 England England Englanddeliriouscompletely exaggeratedhigh on life2102300
2 Belgium Belgium Belgiumwalking on cloudswonderfulsatisfied2269285
3 Ísland Ísland Icelandcontentstronghigh on life1780285
4 Polska Polska Polandsatisfiedslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2126285
5 Deutschland Deutschland Germanywalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2064270
6 Brasil Brasil Brazilwalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life2078255
7 Canada Canada Canadadeliriousstrongdelirious2104255
8 España España Spainsatisfiedslightly exaggeratedhigh on life2168255
9 France France Franceparadise on earth!wonderfuldelirious2222255
10 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemaladeliriousdecentsatisfied1474255
11 Ireland Ireland Irelandwalking on cloudswonderfuldelirious2092255
12 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Liechtensteindeliriousstrongcontent1911255
13 Al Iraq Al Iraq Iraqdeliriousstronghigh on life2058240
14 Belarus Belarus Belarusdeliriousstrongdelirious2015240
15 Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgariaparadise on earth!stronghigh on life2188240
16 China China People's Republic of Chinasatisfiedstronghigh on life1937240
17 Eesti Eesti Estoniaparadise on earth!strongdelirious2069240
18 Malta Malta Maltadeliriousstronghigh on life1965240
19 Nippon Nippon Japansatisfiedslightly exaggeratedhigh on life1919240
20 USA USA USAdeliriouswonderfulsatisfied2077240
21 Bosna i Hercegovina Bosna i Hercegovina Bosnia and Herzegovinacontentstronghigh on life1969225
22 Føroyar Føroyar Faroe Islandssatisfiedstrongcontent1948225
23 Iran Iran Iransatisfiedslightly exaggeratedhigh on life1920225
24 Italia Italia Italyparadise on earth!exaggeratedhigh on life2410225
25 Latvija Latvija Latviaparadise on earth!strongdelirious1991225
26 Mongol Uls Mongol Uls Mongoliasatisfiedstronghigh on life1951225
27 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Northern Irelandparadise on earth!poorirritated1915225
28 Schweiz Schweiz Switzerlandparadise on earth!stronghigh on life2208225
29 Uruguay Uruguay Uruguaydeliriouswonderfulhigh on life2050225
30 Cymru Cymru Walessatisfiedslightly exaggerateddelirious1988210
31 Lëtzebuerg Lëtzebuerg Luxembourgparadise on earth!stronghigh on life1957210
32 México México Mexicosatisfieddecentsatisfied1753210
33 Nederland Nederland Netherlandsdeliriouswonderfuldelirious1943210
34 Österreich Österreich Austriasatisfiedstronghigh on life2155210
35 Palestine Palestine Palestinedeliriousstrongsatisfied1940210
36 Pilipinas Pilipinas Philippineswalking on cloudswonderfulhigh on life1969210
37 Slovenija Slovenija Sloveniadeliriousstrongsatisfied2008210
38 Slovensko Slovensko Slovakiasatisfiedstronghigh on life1852210
39 Sverige Sverige Swedenwalking on cloudsexaggeratedhigh on life2186210
40 Chile Chile Chiledeliriousdecentcontent2034195
41 Hayastan Hayastan Armeniaparadise on earth!decenthigh on life1807195
42 India India Indiaparadise on earth!wonderfulhigh on life1881195
43 Pakistan Pakistan Pakistandeliriousstrongsatisfied1962195
44 Perú Perú Peruwalking on cloudsstronghigh on life1591195
45 Kampuchea Prateh Kampuchea Cambodiasatisfiedstronghigh on life1971195
46 România România Romaniaparadise on earth!strongdelirious2303195
47 Srbija Srbija Serbiadeliriousdecentsatisfied2084195
48 Suomi Suomi Finlandsatisfieddecentcalm2183195
49 Al Kuwayt Al Kuwayt Kuwaitsatisfiedstronghigh on life1956180
50 Al Urdun Al Urdun Jordanirritateddecenthigh on life1702180
51 Algérie Algérie Algeriaparadise on earth!poorcontent1797180
52 Angola Angola Angolacontentstronghigh on life1784180
53 Česká republika Česká republika Czech Republicwalking on cloudsdecentcontent2093180
54 Côte d’Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire Côte d’Ivoiredeliriousdecentsatisfied1884180
55 Cuba Cuba Cubaparadise on earth!decenthigh on life2026180
56 Danmark Danmark Denmarksatisfieddecentsatisfied2115180
57 Hellas Hellas Greecedeliriousdecentdelirious1906180
58 Hrvatska Hrvatska Croatiafuriousdecenthigh on life2073180
59 Israel Israel Israeldeliriousstrongsatisfied1963180
60 Jamaica Jamaica Jamaicawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied1841180
61 Norge Norge Norwaywalking on cloudsstronghigh on life1964180
62 Oceania Oceania Oceaniaparadise on earth!poorirritated1897180
63 Prathet Thai Prathet Thai Thailandwalking on cloudspoorcalm1961180
64 República Dominicana República Dominicana Dominican Republicdeliriousdecentdelirious1821180
65 Scotland Scotland Scotlanddeliriousdecentcalm1967180
66 South Africa South Africa South Africawalking on cloudsdecentcontent1847180
67 Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobago Trinidad & Tobagoparadise on earth!decentsatisfied1867180
68 Argentina Argentina Argentinawalking on cloudsdecentcontent2199165
69 Cameroon Cameroon Camerooncontentwonderfulhigh on life1777165
70 Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipeiirritateddecenthigh on life1704165
71 Crna Gora Crna Gora Montenegrodeliriouspoorcalm1790165
72 Hanguk Hanguk South Koreadeliriousdecentdelirious1650165
73 Nigeria Nigeria Nigeriacomposeddecentcontent1802165
74 O’zbekiston O'zbekiston Uzbekistandeliriousstronghigh on life1923165
75 Rossiya Rossiya Russiawalking on cloudsdecentsatisfied1936165
76 Ukraina Ukraina Ukrainedeliriousdecentdelirious1915165
77 Bangladesh Bangladesh Bangladeshcontentpoorcontent1778150
78 Barbados Barbados Barbadosparadise on earth!poorcontent1678150
79 Cabo Verde Cabo Verde Cape Verdeparadise on earth!decentcontent1944150
80 El Salvador El Salvador El Salvadorparadise on earth!decentdelirious1730150
81 Makedonija Makedonija FYR Macedoniaparadise on earth!decentcontent1538150
82 Paraguay Paraguay Paraguayparadise on earth!decentdelirious1768150
83 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabiamurderouspoorhigh on life1614150
84 Türkiye Türkiye Turkeyparadise on earth!poorcontent1965150
85 Al Maghrib Al Maghrib Moroccosatisfieddecenthigh on life1791135
86 Azərbaycan Azərbaycan Azerbaijancontentpoorcalm1698135
87 Bolivia Bolivia Boliviasatisfieddecentdelirious1952135
88 Colombia Colombia Colombiairritateddecentsatisfied1807135
89 Costa Rica Costa Rica Costa Ricacalmdecentsatisfied1622135
90 Indonesia Indonesia Indonesiasatisfiedpoorsatisfied1882135
91 Magyarország Magyarország Hungarysatisfieddecentcontent1910135
92 Nicaragua Nicaragua Nicaraguacontentpoorcontent1841135
93 Portugal Portugal Portugallike the cold wardecentcontent1666135
94 Sakartvelo Sakartvelo Georgiawalking on cloudspoorcalm2024135
95 Sénégal Senegal Senegalcomposedpoorsatisfied1816135
96 Shqipëria Shqiperia Albaniadeliriousdecenthigh on life1598135
97 Suriyah Suriyah Syriawalking on cloudsdecentcontent1816135
98 Bénin Bénin Beninwalking on cloudsdecentcontent1786120
99 Kenya Kenya Kenyasatisfieddecenthigh on life1814120
100 Lietuva Lietuva Lithuaniadeliriouspoorcontent1889120
101 Oman Oman Omandeliriouspoorirritated1941120
102 Singapore Singapore Singaporewalking on cloudswretchedcalm1758120
103 Suriname Suriname Surinamecalmdecenthigh on life1761120
104 Uganda Uganda Ugandacontentpoorcontent1674120
105 Cyprus Cyprus Cyprusdeliriouspoorsatisfied1807105
106 Ecuador Ecuador Ecuadorsatisfiedpoorcalm1597105
107 Misr Misr Egyptwalking on cloudspoorcontent1800105
108 Venezuela Venezuela Venezuelasatisfiedpoorcalm1971105
109 Andorra Andorra Andorracalmwretchedfurious169390
110 Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Republicsatisfiedwretchedcalm170090
111 Malaysia Malaysia Malaysiacomposedpoorcontent181790
112 Tounes Tounes Tunisiacontentdecenthigh on life144890
113 Bahrain Bahrain Bahraincontentpoorcontent175775
114 Dawlat Qatar Dawlat Qatar Qatarsatisfiedpoorcalm166475
115 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Kazakhstanwalking on cloudspoorcalm149375
116 Panamá Panama Panamairritatedpoorcontent172975
117 Dhivehi Raajje Dhivehi Raajje Maldivessatisfiedpoorcontent166060
118 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kongsatisfiedpoorcontent179660
119 Al Yaman Al Yaman Yemencontentpoorcontent163645
120 Ghana Ghana Ghanacontentwretchedfurious178245
121 Brunei Brunei Bruneiparadise on earth!poorirritated155130
122 Honduras Honduras Hondurasparadise on earth!disastrousfurious91430
123 Moçambique Moçambique Mozambiqueparadise on earth!non-existentfurious153630
124 Tanzania Tanzania Tanzaniairritateddisastrousmurderous165615
125 Việt Nam Việt Nam Vietnamfuriouswretchedcalm133115
126 Lubnan Lubnan Lebanoncontentwretchedirritated10990
127 Moldova Moldova Moldovawalking on cloudsdisastrousfurious15960
128 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emiratescalmdisastrousfurious13980


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