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U21 Oceania 1 - 0 U21 Rossiya (641668893)

Events list

U21 Oceania U21 Rossiya
Team formations (different) 0′ Team formations (different)
Match started 0′ Match started
0′ Tactic Type: Counter-attacking
Hometeam/Awayteam has most possession in beginning of match 13′
27′ Counter attack, no goal, middle (Maksim Atamanchuk)
30′ Yellow card nasty play (Lavrentiy Goryachkin)
Goal to take lead home team left wing (Juán Stanton) 31′
35′ No equalizer goal away team middle (Zufar Shaikhiev)
Half time results 45′ Half time results
Dominated 45′
Second half started 46′ Second half started
Exact number of spectators 59′ Exact number of spectators
Player substitution: minute (Axel Randle) 60′
Player substitution: minute (Leo 'Monobrow' Addison) 60′
60′ Player substitution: minute (Ilya Pozdnyakov)
60′ Player substitution: minute
60′ Player substitution: minute (Zufar Shaikhiev)
60′ New set pieces taker (Zufar Shaikhiev)
60′ New captain (Zufar Shaikhiev)
Player substitution: minute (Juán Stanton) 67′
New set pieces taker (Juán Stanton) 67′
68′ Counter attack, no goal, right (Oleg Ignatyuk)
Yellow card nasty play (Toby Hinson) 69′
71′ Organization breaks
72′ Injury: Foot right (Lavrentiy Goryachkin)
72′ No replacement for injured player (Lavrentiy Goryachkin)
76′ Injury: Arm right (Nikita Lyubenin)
76′ No replacement for injured player (Nikita Lyubenin)
88′ Doctor report of injury length (Lavrentiy Goryachkin)
Added time 89′ Added time
Match finished 92′ Match finished
Congratulations to the winner 92′
Dominated 92′
Best player (Vincenzo Falace) 92′
Worst player (Stephen Tanner) 92′
92′ Best player (Anatoliy Mikhasev)
92′ Worst player (Maksim Atamanchuk)

Rating details

U21 Oceania U21 Rossiya
Midfield weak
(very high)
Right defense inadequate
Central defense passable
(very low)
Left defense passable
Right attack solid
Central attack solid
Left attack outstanding
(very low)
Indirect set pieces
Defence weak
(very high)
(very low)
Attack weak
(very low)
Team attitude
Tactic skill (no tactic) supernatural


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