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U21 Rossiya 0 - 0 U21 Polska (641668889)

Events list

U21 Rossiya U21 Polska
Team formations (different) 0′ Team formations (different)
Match started 0′ Match started
0′ Tactic Type: Counter-attacking
20′ Bench player warming up (Stanisław Lacheta)
27′ Counter attack, no goal, middle (Józef 'Unstoppable' Tomanek)
30′ Player substitution: minute (Maurycy Cyrankiewicz)
No goal to take lead home team middle (Andrey 'kattrunkaren' Kovach) 32′
37′ Counter attack, no goal, left (Artur Banach)
No goal to take lead home team middle (Valeriy Nababkin) 38′
39′ Counter attack, no goal, left (Krzysztof Mizgalski)
Half time results 45′ Half time results
Dominated 45′
Second half started 46′ Second half started
46′ Player substitution: minute (Artur Banach)
Exact number of spectators 51′ Exact number of spectators
52′ Bench player warming up (Zdzisław Filipczuk)
60′ Player substitution: minute (Adrian Łobodziec)
70′ Change of tactic: minute (Krzysztof Mizgalski)
76′ Counter attack, no goal, middle (Krzysztof Mizgalski)
Yellow card cheating 85′
Nerves in important thrilling game 86′
Red card (2nd warning) cheating 88′
Added time 89′ Added time
Match finished 91′ Match finished
Match ended in a tie  91′ Match ended in a tie 
Dominated 91′
Best player (Valeriy Nababkin) 91′
Worst player (Sergey Dryunin) 91′
91′ Best player (Krzysztof Mizgalski)
91′ Worst player (Adam Chlipała)

Rating details

U21 Rossiya U21 Polska
Midfield outstanding
(very low)
Right defense brilliant
(very high)
Central defense brilliant
(very high)
Left defense world class
(very high)
Right attack inadequate
(very high)
(very low)
Central attack outstanding
Left attack outstanding
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid
Attack passable
(very low)
(very low)
Team attitude
Tactic skill (no tactic) divine


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