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Automatic updating of the players in the tracker

Tracker provides automatic updating of players once a day, but only those players who fit the requirements tracker or included in at least one list of scout.

The update process is permanent. Each player has the date and time of last update. Data of the player will not be updated during the day with the last update. After day expire – the player will be in the list of updates, and its data will be read via API CHPP using the secret token that is stored for the owner of player (see subsection Security). Data of the player won't be updated unless its owner cancels the update data on the website (chooses No on page Tracker in window Tracking your players), or will remove the permission on read his data for CHPP-application Hattrick Portal Tracker in the Hattrick (after a failed authorization token will be removed in the tracker), or the player will move to another owner who was not allowed to read his data in this tracker. It will be seen in the web page Alerts, which can be monitored by scouts.

The coach and the scouts should consider: if they will add manually the player, whose owner is not allowed to read their data, you have to manually add levels and sub-levels of skills of player and update them too, will need to manually. But the player will be added with its data, if its owner has given permission to read its data for this tracker.

Also training update goes (in addition the daily update), it's the first update to the player after a training update in its country. It is connected with daily update cycle of each player, so is not at the same time to all players in the country (as in Hattrick), but according to individual schedules update players. Calculation skills were based on data obtained from the training team (training type, trainer skill, the number of assistant coaches, training level, stamina training share) and player's performances this week (the amount of time played at the correct position), so if these data are unavailable or incomplete – the results of the calculation of changes sublevels skills may be inaccurate. Also, because not all events are stored for all the matches, only how long time the player has played in the match and his last position in it, then if you move the player on different positions – results may not be accurate. In general this error can be ignored because the prediction of current sublevel of skills is only an estimated value that the calculated according to the formulas developed by users of Hattrick, and not received any official way. When the calculation of the training is also considered drop high skills of players.

If a player is not updated automatically, you worry about it nothing. In this case, it is likely at this time do not need a national team: or else player would satisfy the requirements of national team players, or player would have been in one of the lists of scouts. Update any player can do any user of the tracker (if you are logged on to the Hattrick Portal) – just opened player's page on the tracker (if the owner of player allow updates in the tracker). Also, all players will update when their owner visited the web page Tracker (if he are logged on tracker and switch Tracking your players is enabled).

P.S. Limitations on the number of updated players see section about donations.