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How to start using the tracker for the national team

In order to tracker started to collect data on players need to do a few things.

First, the trainer needs to enable the tracker for his team. To do this, he must:

  1. Go to the website Hattrick Portal using the Login button (after this you should see the name of the your primary team under Hattrick Portal);
  2. Open the main menu's item Tracker;
  3. Open menu item Requirements from the left side;
  4. In the right window Method specify what kind of requirements should used for this team (old or new);
  5. Click button Save;
  6. In the window Assistants coach it is advisable to choose the chief scout and other assistants.

Secondly, coach (or chief scout) will need to configure the requirements of the selection of players for the national team (see Requirements).

Thirdly, managers (owners players) need to register in tracker (see Register in the tracker) and after registration periodically go to page Tracker to add new players.



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