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Requirements for players to add in the tracker

In this section coach may choose type of requirements for candidates for the national team.

"Old" method

Requirements can be set for all of the following parameters:

  1. Age (minimum and maximum of years and days)
  2. Skills (keeper, defending, playmaking, winger, passing, scoring, set pieces)
  3. Experience
  4. Leadership
  5. TSI
  6. Speciality (including without speciality and any speciality)
  7. Agreeability

When creating requirements must be taken into account that one of the skills (keeper, defending, playmaking, winger, passing, scoring, set pieces) must be greater than or equal to weak (for countries with less than 1,000 users), inadequate (for countries with less than 3,000 users) или passable for other countries. Or should be given experience equal or greater weak and leadership greater than or equal passable (for the trainer).

"New" method

In this case requirements can be set for all of the following parameters:

  1. Age (minimum and maximum of years and days)
  2. Experience
  3. Leadership
  4. TSI
  5. Potential
  6. Lag in the training
  7. Speciality (including without speciality and any speciality)
  8. Agreeability

That is, cluster of skills replaced by potential (in %) or lag in the the training relative for 17-year-olds "etalon" players. "Etalon" players can be added on the same page. For each position (eg defender, the attacker winger) is given by a set of skills (keeper, defending, playmaking, winger, passing, scoring, set pieces), which should have a player considered for this position in 17 years and 0 days. In the future, skills of players are compared to skills of "etalons" and is calculated the lag of training for the all time of their lives, and calculated their current potential. If the potential is 100% – it means that training of player corresponds to the maximum that could be obtained "etalon" player. If more than 100%, then, most likely, he came out of the academy with the best set of skills than is defined for the "etalon" players and therefore better trained. If the potential is less than 100%, it means that his skills were worse than the "etalon" players or his lost training. During calculating potential, determined "etalon" (position of the player) that most appropriate for the player.

The method used has a fairly good precision, but a large time interval, so more suitable for national teams than for the youth teams, players who may have strong potential oscillations, especially at 17. Therefore, for the U-20 teams is better to use the "old" method, moreover you need to define just a few requirements (you need to cover a total of 4 years). But for national teams is more convenient "new" method, since you can define or set of requirements for each year in the lag in training (it is a quantitative value), or just one requirement indicating the "potential" for players (eg, greater than or equal to 50% ).

Because this method requires calibration at the beginning of its use, better to not turn up the bar too high standard of players and requirements. In the future, it is possible to increase the skills of "etalon" players, or to strengthen the requirements for lag in training or potential of player.

Adding requirement

To create requirements you should go on the page Requirements, click button Add requirements of tracker (only coach and chief scouts have such the permission), specify the name of the requirement and its parameters and click button Add. After this action requirement must appear in the list of requirements.

List of requirements

List of requirements includes the following columns:

  1. Name
  2. Age – minimum age (year, day) – maximum age (year, day)
  3. Skills ("old" method only) – if you specify multiple skills, they are displayed under each other
  4. TSI
  5. Potential ("new" method only)
  6. Lag in training ("new" method only)
  7. Specialty

You can sort the list by columns Name, Age, TSI, Potential, Lag in training.



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