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Scout's lists in the tracker

The tracker provides for the maintenance of lists of players for the scouts. Scouts can include players into these lists to monitor them (for example, the player's position or use in the Word Cup U20). One player can member of several lists. One responsible for the list may be specified for each list. Lists can be open or closed. Players included in the public list are visible to all (of course without the skills), and in the closed - only coaches and scouts of this country.

Adding a list of players

Create lists, and assign responsibility for them can only coaches and chief scouts. To do this, go to the page Lists, click button Add list of player and enter the name of the list and, if necessary, to choose a responsible scout (from scouts of the national team).

Adding to the list of players

Scouts can add players to the list from the page of the player. Scout is a must see on the player page section Tracker lists, and can set one or more ticks in this list and click Save. The player will not be included in any list if it cleared of the ticks.

Players in the list

Grid Lists of players displays the name of the list of players, responsible for the list (can be empty), and the number of players on this list.

To see the players in the list need to click on its name. Ordinary managers will see a list of players with the following columns:

  1. Player – name, cards, injury, transfer
  2. Age
  3. TSI
  4. S (Specialty) – abbreviated name of the specialty player: T – technical, Q – quick, P – powerful, U – unpredictable, H – head, R – regainer
  5. HTMS – ability HTMS
  6. HTMS28 – potential HTMS
  7. Match – date of last match
  8. Rating – rating on last match
  9. Updated – date of last update player in the tracker

You can sort data on all columns by clicking on their names.

For coaches and scouts this list will contain the following columns by default:

  1. Player – name, cards, injury, transfer
  2. Age
  3. TSI
  4. S (Specialty)
  5. GK (Keeper)
  6. DE (Defending)
  7. PM (Playmaking)
  8. WG (Winger)
  9. PS (Passing)
  10. SC (Scoring)
  11. SP (Set pieces)
  12. Updated – date of last update player in the tracker (is highlighted in red, if the owner of the player is not in the tracker)

You can choose additional columns to display:

  1. In (Playing in) – the flag of the country where the player plays at this time
  2. Salary
  3. FO (Form)
  4. ST (Stamina)
  5. XP (Experience)
  6. LE (Leadership)
  7. Ability HTMS
  8. Potential HTMS
  9. Match (Last match) – date of last match
  10. Pos. (Position) – the last position, on which the player played in last match
  11. Time – how many minutes played in the last match
  12. Rating – rating on last match
  13. CT (Current training) – abbreviated name of the current type of training: SP – set pieces, DF – defending, SC – scoring, WG – crossing (winger), SH – Shooting, PS – short passes, PM – playmaking, GK – goalkeeping, TPS – through passes, DP – defensive positions, WA – wing attacks
  14. LT (Last training) – abbreviated name of the last type of training
  15. ST, % (Last stamina part)
  16. Trn. (Trainer skill) – skill of the trainer of team's player
  17. Assistant coach level – total assistants coach level
  18. Form coach level
  19. Medic level
  20. Scout flag
  21. U20WC (Last match U20WC) – only for U20: the last official match of the world championship U-20, in which the player can participate, in the format C-R-M, where C – number of championat, R – number of round (I, II, III, IV, SF, F), M – number of match.
  22. Requirement – one of the requirements, which matches the player

The selected column will be stored in the cookies for the selected list.