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About the limitations of the free version and donations

Hattrick Portal Tracker is a free tool, however from 2016 introduced some limitations related to the number of players to automatically update:

  1. A maximum of 50 requirements for the team,
  2. A maximum of 25 lists of national team players,
  3. A maximum of 50 players in each list of national team players,
  4. Automatically updated a maximum of 1,500 players in all lists of the national team (best players),
  5. Total automatically updated 2,500 players the national team.

You can become a project sponsor, to remove these restrictions and get unlimited number of requirements, lists, and players in the lists of the national team. Will automatically update all the players in the lists, and for the team a maximum of 5,000 players. Also will have the opportunity to view the skills of the players of national teams that were on the transfer. This requires users to make donations to Hattrick Portal. You can do this on the start page About portal or on this page using the form below.

You can donate any amount of money for any country. After that you need to write a letter to the author of the project in the Hattrick and specify when, by whom was made the donation in favor of what country. Donations are accumulated and when sum reach the $10 USA, the limitations will turn off for the country for a month (for both teams). If the amount is enough for a few months, the restrictions will disabled for a few months, respectively.

Information about donations to countries in page About \ Donations \ Leagues. It displays how much donations are collected for the country, the expiration date of the lifting of restrictions, and how much need to collect donations for another month.

Users (sponsors) will also receive some things:

  1. For them will not to display advertising,
  2. They will be listed as sponsors of the country (under the select list of leagues on each page).

For users, this will act based $5 USA for one month. General information about donations from users is in page About \ Donations \ Users. It displays how much the user has already donated and expiration of his privileges.

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Payeer: P1051022058

USDT: TDazbvpSEBkMGUb64VsfPBUawxyPbWqhVT (TRC-20)

USDT: 0xdCFc5ade02f3687946685856b98A943005fb046e (ERC-20)

BTC: 3AVasYACGtAk6u9GVLhwJc2G3ngzViiSy6

ETH: 0xdCFc5ade02f3687946685856b98A943005fb046e

LTC: M9hPUCkhTG4kV4K56ce5G4ckcpaMx4nZno

After the donation, I ask you to inform me via HT-mail about the details of the transaction and for which country it was made.



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