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Hattrick Portal combines the tools for working with national teams of the online football manager game Hattrick:

  • current and historical data for all national and U-20 teams,
  • data for the matches played all national and U-20 teams,
  • current and historical data on all the players who play or have played in the national and U-20 teams,
  • statistic for national and U-20 teams, their players and matches,
  • scout-database of the national and U-20 teams for all countries (global tracker).

Information downloaded from Hattrick using API CHPP. Any objects are updated no more often than once in day. Matches are updated at least once a week, the players - once a day. Players in the tracker are also updated daily, but not all. Auto-update will only include players who match at least one requirement or are in one of the lists of scouts. Data for training the players are loaded into the first update after training update in their leagues.

You can rate Hattrick Portal (data and statistics of national teams) and Hattrick Portal Tracker (global scout-database) on its pages in the Hattrick:

  1. CHPP-application Hattrick Portal
  2. CHPP-application Hattrick Portal Tracker


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After sending the funds, please inform me about this by HT-mail, indicating the user and the country for which this is a donation.

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