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20/02/2017version 2.6: in the section with utilities added calculators training of the player and plan a training session
17/10/2016version 2.5: added a section with utilities
19/04/2016version 2.4: added personal filter to tracker's players page, added display skills above "divine", and open view of the skills players of all national teams that were on the transfers (for coaches and scouts of leagues which support the project).
31/01/2016version 2.3: added limit to the number of players that are automatically updated, the number of requirements, the number lists of players and the number of players in the list of national teams.
09/11/2014version 2.2: switching to display the local time for the user.
08/10/2014version 2.1: added the ability to create a table of stamina training part by age (on page Training settings in the tracker) and track deviations on the page Alerts
14/09/2014version 2.0: added the ability to change the settings for alerts about players (for the page "Alerts" and e-mail newsletters) on page Training settings in the tracker
06/06/2014version 1.9: added statistics about tracker (added and updated players) and statistics about players in tracker
01/05/2014version 1.8: added role "Manager tracker" (management of tracker and staff) and "Guest" (restricted access read-only)
14/04/2014version 1.7: new staff system
08/04/2014version 1.6: added editing of translations
19/02/2014version 1.5: added newsletter for coaches and scouts about violations of the training process of players which in the lists of scouts
19/01/2014version 1.4: added newsletter for coaches and scouts about warnings about injuries and transfers of players which in the lists of scouts
03/01/2014version 1.3: added the ability for coaches and scouts load several players (by list ID) and view teams in the tracker and not in the tracker
08/12/2013version 1.2: filled tracker section in Help in English. Added a web service Check.asmx to check players from other CHPP applications.
17/10/2013version 1.1: filled tracker section in Help in Russian.
08/08/2013version 1.0: improved scout-database of National and U-20 teams (added calculation player's training, support additional teams, lists of players for scouts, custom lists of players, list of players with alerts)
13/05/2013version 0.9: added scout-database of National and U-20 teams (Tracker page)
26/12/2012version 0.8: added view information about the match.
19/09/2012version 0.7: a full translation of the site into the English.
28/08/2012version 0.6: added store and display the history of changes of team spirit and self-confidence teams.
28/07/2012version 0.5: in the Statistics » Statistics of matches section displays statistics for all playing official matches of all teams.
24/06/2012version 0.4: in the Statistics section displays a list of top players on the TSI and salary with filter by age.
06/06/2012version 0.3: added store and display the history of changes skills of the player.
26/05/2012version 0.2: division into two sections: Data and Statistics. In Data section now displays skills change with the last update. In Statistics added view general information about all the national teams and statistics of players national teams.
15/05/2012version 0.1: created the Data section of the players and matches. Launched daily update process data of all players.